A Holiday Playlist For West Elm

Holiday Playlist

Hey friends! Wow. Can you believe it? In a few weeks from now we’ll all be going tra-la-la-la-la. Ok, some of us already are. To gear up for the Holiday Season I created a playlist for West Elm! As you know, West Elm is my jam (well, everyone’s jam, really), so I was pretty stoked when they invited me to collaborate.

This playlist is perfect as an all-in-one option for your holiday musical needs. You can listen to it while cooking, eating, or relaxing with your friends, all cozied up with blankies. Listen to the full playlist on West Elm’s blog Front & Main.

Thanks for inviting me to collaborate, señores of West Elm :)

PS. to all of my non-american friends, you can’t listen to the playlist outside of the states because it’s hosted on Spotify, but you can take note of the up-and-coming artists. I’ll make a playlist on SoundCloud so we can all listen to them, woop!

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