Popcorn Two Ways Plus a Wine Pairing

February 23, 2017


Hi guys! How’s’ it going?! Hoping all a-ok with ya. Over here I am up to my knees in food prep and prop shopping for a client cookbook which is preeeetty cool, but also leaves me with little brain power to get here on the blog and produce additional content. However, I did get in the kitchen on the weekend to make a snack for all of us.



This snacky poo is pretty easy to make and has lots of flavour. I mean who doesn’t like glam popcorn, am I right? This popcorn is great for movie night or for stuffing your face while watching re runs of sex and the city (what?! Don’t judge me).

The flavour combos are sage and chipotle and pepper and caramel, so you can get both, sweet and savoury. Aaaand to complete this snack, I am pairing it with a nice mellow red from my friends from La Crema. I tried this combo with their Monterey Pinot Noir and it was just perfect!

Ok, time to get poppin’, go to La Crema’s blog and grab the recipes! Hope you enjoy them.


Post created in partnership with La Crema Wines, all views my own

Winter Skillet Nachos with Cauliflower “Parm”

December 9, 2016

Winter Skillet Nachos with Cauliflower "Parm"

Winter Skillet Nachos with Cauliflower "Parm"

Baby it’s – fucking – cooold outside! No for reals, it’s like minus 4C or something, we can’t handle that here in the Canadian west coast – probably all of you east coasters are laughing about it, and you should, cuz we are useless with snow!

Since there’s about 1 inch of snow on the ground, that means, Vancouver has shut down and we all are staying indoors. That’s why I thought of making a reaaally nice snack that can also act as dinner, because winter. Cue: Winter Skillet Nachos!

This nachos are dairy free (they use cauliflower parm which is a fave of mine), and are loaded with goodies sans the globs of gross fake cheese and bad pineapple salsa. This skillet nachos have chipotle spiced beans, chanterelle mushrooms, winter greens, and rotisserie chicken! Are you drooling? Good. You should

I made this recipe for the guys of La Crema and paired them up with a fantastic Pinot Noir, ohhh yes girl, you are in for a treat!

Get the whole recipe at La Crema’s blog!

Post created in partnership with La Crema. All views my own.

Mole Inspired Rub, Salmon, and Israeli Couscous

November 28, 2016

Mole Inspired Rub, Salmon, and Israeli Couscour

Mole Inspired Rub, Salmon, and Israeli Couscour

Mole Inspired Rub, Salmon, and Israeli Couscour

Oooohhh mole mole mole. That delicious Mexican sauce that people either love and hate. Obvi, it’s one of my faves! But let’s be real, making mole sauce at home is a pain in the butt, who wants to roast, grind, and cook 28-or-so ingredients? Nah-ah thanks.

I took the inspiration for mole and I simplified it to make this rub. The rub has the best of both worlds: lots of flavour and takes just a few minutes to make. I did include some cocoa in it, but don’t get weirded out! It adds a nice smokiness to it, it’s not like you’re eating hot cocoa.

The rub can be used on anything, but it works really good on fish! I think pork would also be lovely, and chicken…ok everything.

I combined this recipe for the rub with a fresh israeli couscous to make a wholesome meal that will make your belly quite happy – also – it’s fantastic for entertaining and looks sooooo awesome with all the herbs and pomegranate on top. Very Ottolenghi.

I posted the full recipe for this babe along with a nice wine pairing on La Crema’s Blog.


Recipe created in partnership with La Crema Wines. All views my own.

Apples, Mandarins, Simmered in Sweet Hibiscus Tea

November 8, 2016

Apples, Mandarins, Simmered in Sweet Hibiscus Tea

Apples, Mandarins, Simmered in Sweet Hibiscus Tea

Apples, Mandarins, Simmered in Sweet Hibiscus Tea

Hey yo! How’s life these days? Hopefully you are taking a break from all the politics, sad facebook posts, puppy rescue videos, and grab them by the pussy remixes *shudders*.

So, today, I will give you something that will take your mind off of things, so you can simply cook, relax, and have a moment to yourself. Don’t worry, this won’t take long, which is why I love this recipe – but – compromising on time doesn’t mean compromising on flavour; these apples and mandarins simmered in sweet hibiscus tea are super tasty and oh so comforting. They are the gateway to all of the holiday deserts that are about to invade us.

I served mine with a bit of ice cream, because, ice cream! But feel free to just eat as is. You could even blend it a bit and use it as stuffing for hand pies or as a spread for cake. I just like it as is, chunky, fruity, and tangy.

Get the full recipe after the jump!

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Dark Chocolate Granola, Coconut Yogurt, and Pomegranate Parfait

October 27, 2016

Dark Chocolate Granola, Coconut Yogurt, and Pomegranate Parfait

Dark Chocolate Granola, Coconut Yogurt, and Pomegranate Parfait

Dark Chocolate Granola, Coconut Yogurt, and Pomegranate Parfait

Cho-co-la-te granola. Yes, you read it right. This is going to be a game changer for your breakfast, trust me.

A couple weeks ago I was down in Costa Rica with some friends and we took a cacao plantation tour and I was in gaga land. We saw the whole process of how chocolate is made from pod to chocolate bar and it was amazing. My love for chocolate has grown to psychotic levels, hence I want to add cacao and chocolate to everything.

This recipe is very easy to make and it can be eaten with any kind of yogurt or fruit, if you ask me, I would just eat is straight up as a snack.

There’s raw cacao nibs, cocoa, dark chocolate bits, maple syrup, nuts, and even a touch of black sesame seeds. Get the full recipe to make this treat over at West Elm’s blog Front & Main.

On Finding The Right Tools For The Job

October 20, 2016

Dark and moody Artful Desperado

artful desperado

(oh hey that’s me!)

Hi all! How are you doing? Sippin’ the last bits of that pumpkin spice latte? Or if you are like me and don’t like them at all, sippin’ on an old fashioned..cuz you know, cozy cocktails in fall and winter are the way go to. Today I wanted to talk to you about choosing the right tools for the job, that is, styling and photography. In my previous posts I chatted about resetting my creative process and exploring other art forms as a way to gather new ideas – heck – I even went to Copenhagen to learn how to cook Nordic food!

In this post I’ll give you a quick glimpse into my go-to’s when it comes to equipment – it’s not a full list or I’ll have to break down in several posts, but it’ll give you an idea of what I use on the daily.

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Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

October 6, 2016

apple caramel bread pudding

apple caramel bread pudding

apple caramel bread pudding

apple caramel bread pudding

YO! Yo stop, stop whatever you’re doing. I made a dessert that’s so freaking good you’ll probably ditch that pumpkin spice stuff for a while (ohhhh shit, yah I did go there). Ok so basically I’ve been craving caramel apples for a while and I’ve seen them around but to be honest they are always such a disappointment; the apple is mealy or soft, which drives me nuts, or the caramel has no taste. I’m sure they taste amazing homemade, but do I want to go through the trouble of drizzling apples with caramel? Nah, HOWEVER, I’ll go through the trouble of baking haha.

apple caramel bread pudding

This recipe combines the awesomeness of caramel apples with the coziness of a bread pudding. My oh my; think crunchy top drizzled with caramel, with layers of gooey pudding, apples, and spices (not pumpkin spice!). Hell yah!

You can find the whole recipe with the fellas of West Elm. Cheers to stuffing-your-face-until-it-hurts season!