Playlist: Forever Summer

August 11, 2014

Photography by Oleg Oprisco

How’s your tanning going? Dark enough? Still need an extra roasting sesh? No worries, I am also squeezing every drop of sunshine! Friends, the countdown is on – there are only a few weeks left of summer and there is no time to waste indoors. We must GET OUT!

This Forever Summer playlist will be like your summer crush, sans the one-night-stand regrets. Forever Summer is full of happy tunes that will pair up nicely with your sunnies and your polaroid. No sunscreen required! (at least not for listening).

Press PLAY and enjoy the breeze!

Photography by Oleg Oprisco

Artfully Sprung Playlist

March 18, 2014

Beautiful Vibrations and Soundwaves Painting (2008) by Damien Hirst

So, I had planned to post a new recipe for you, but, the bitch decided to be a flop at the very last minute so that didn’t happen. Such a diva. Anyways, I don’t have any food for you – HOWEVER – I do have a fantastic, spring in full swing, playlist that will brighten your winterized self! A playlist that perfectly pairs with the painting above by Damien Hirst.

Discover new music, shake some bootay, and cheer up. PRESS PLAY NOW! WOO!

For more playlist, CLICK HERE

Artfully Happy Playlist Ft. Art by Rebecca Adams

January 7, 2014

Art by Rebecca Adams

Art by Rebecca Adams

Art by Rebecca Adams

Art by Rebecca Adams

The work of Rebecca Adams pretty much sums up the way many of us are currently feeling when going back to work and trying to get back into a normal routine. A routine that doesn’t include curling up on the couch under a bunch of blankets, reading and enjoying the moodiness of winter.

It’s kind of a rude awakening, no? Call it first world pains, call it winter blues; we all gotta get back into the groove of things, that’s just the cycle of life (oh and I asked peeps on Instagram and I wasn’t alone!). To help you with this transition or to simply set a positive mood for the new year here’s a playlist that will get you dancing, daydreaming, romancing, and prancing. It’s quite the mix!


A Holiday Playlist For West Elm

November 19, 2013

Holiday Playlist

Hey friends! Wow. Can you believe it? In a few weeks from now we’ll all be going tra-la-la-la-la. Ok, some of us already are. To gear up for the Holiday Season I created a playlist for West Elm! As you know, West Elm is my jam (well, everyone’s jam, really), so I was pretty stoked when they invited me to collaborate.

This playlist is perfect as an all-in-one option for your holiday musical needs. You can listen to it while cooking, eating, or relaxing with your friends, all cozied up with blankies. Listen to the full playlist on West Elm’s blog Front & Main.

Thanks for inviting me to collaborate, señores of West Elm :)

PS. to all of my non-american friends, you can’t listen to the playlist outside of the states because it’s hosted on Spotify, but you can take note of the up-and-coming artists. I’ll make a playlist on SoundCloud so we can all listen to them, woop!

Artfully Happy Playlist Ft. Art by Xochi Solis

August 23, 2013

I’m gonna go straight to the point – summer is quickly slipping away, the days are getting a teeny bit chilly and the golden sunsets are giving us an early warning that fall is coming, although, it’s a happy warning, cause we all love fall, right?!

That being said, we still have a few weekends to squeeze one last rooftop party, one last sunset at the beach, one last swim at the pool; pretty much anything that screams SUMMER, which is exactly what these paintings by Xochi Solis are all about.

Quick! Press play and enjoy the rest of the feature before the sun goes down. Happy weekend, friends!

Art by Xochi Solis

Art by Xochi Solis

Art by Xochi Solis

Art by Xochi Solis

Artfully Happy Playlist – Ft. Art by Henriette Pentenga

July 5, 2013

Art by Henriette Pentenga

Woweee! Are you swoon over the colorful work of Henriette Pentenga? It’s the perfect companion for yet another fun-packed Artfully Happy Playlist. This week’s playlist is a mix of sun-drenched, upbeat summer tunes – sans the sunburns and crazy lineups at the pool.

Grab your favorite tanning lotion, a few piña coladas, sit down, and enjoy. Happy weekend friends!

Artfully Happy Playlist – Ft. Art by Simone Shubuck

May 27, 2013

Artfully Happy Tunes ft art by Simone Shubuck

Happy Monday! Man, did the weekend go flying or what? I must confess, this weekend I felt a little bit out of whack and totally spent most of the day reading a book in the couch while listening to Sigur Ros – I was quite an icelandic hippie!

Something that came to my mind was how crucial playlists are. They can make your “me-time” so much more enjoyable. There’s nothing more relaxing than reading a book or browsing through Pinterest while listening to your fave tunes, right? Well, I am bringing that same experience here to the blog! Once in a while I’ll compile a HAPPY playlist for you to listen and I’ll pair it with cheerful art. I guarantee you’ll have a beaming smile by the end of it.

Today I give you the beautiful art of Simone Shubuck (such lovely use of colour!) and, I’m pairing it with 10 songs that exude nothing but positive vibes.

Let me know if you like today’s combo and if you have any suggestions, please leave them on the comments below! I’d love to hear what makes you HAPPY.