Seafood Skewers with Herbed Oil and Citrus Dipping Cream

August 18, 2017

Summaaa is still going strong, yo! And I am basically stuffing my face with all the fresh seafood I can get before I go back to my life as a winter-carbo-loader.

I made this really fresh and easy seafood skewers with a herbed oil (chives, parsley mostly with a touch of garlic) with a dipping sauce (sour creme and lemon zest). It involves very little cooking, mostly just the bbq OR if you don’t have one (like me) you can do them in a grill pan, same thing.

I paired up this dish with some wine for my friends of La Crema, and the one I chose (I think I’ve been addicted to it all summer tbh) is the Monterey Chardonnay, a super chilled glass of this chardy with a skewers and some of that citrus creme, ohhhh mama, we be in heaven.

You can find the full recipe over at their winetastic blog.

Created in partnership with La Crema, all views my own

Al Pastor Burger

July 24, 2017

Hi all! Damn, can you believe summer is already here (and half way through actually). I just came back from an extended break and getting back into reality, and it’s been quite nice. I love traveling and all, but there’s always something nice about coming home and being in our own space, no? I mean, living out of a suitcase gets a bit cray cray after a while.

Since summer is in full swing here in Vancouver I cannot think on anything but classic summer staples like burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream – yep! All the stuff that’s good for your body figure haha.

With a bit of a taco inspiration in mind, I made this recipe for Al Pastor Burgers for La Crema Wines, which I paired with their Monterey Chardonnay – the best combo! Total hit for a bbq party or for stuffing your face while watching the new season of GOT. I definitely like the way the acidity of this chardy balances the spice on the burger.

Ok go get the recipe here!

Ps. I also have some cool news coming up regarding the blog. Stay tuned!

Created in in partnership with La Crema wines. All views my own. 

New Workshop: Interiors and Product Styling with Curbly

October 25, 2016

New Workshop: Interiors and Product Styling with Curbly

New Workshop: Interiors and Product Styling with Curbly

New Workshop: Interiors and Product Styling with Curbly

Hey guys! I have a new workshop coming up November 12th and 13th in Minneapolis with the super rad guys of Curbly!.

This workshop will focus on interiors, product styling, and the ins and outs of photography for your DIY and lifestyle project. We’ll have lots of hand-on practice, and we’ll even visit a super rad shop (Forage, I mean, hello!) and get to take some photos and play with some of their beautiful products.

Now, on the business side of things, Curbly will be talking about how to approach sponsors and how to make money with your projects (DIY, interior styling, etc). Oh and there’s also a mini sesh on photo editing, so if you need some tips on how to fix a photo, how to adjust colours, etc, this is it!

If you’re looking to fine-tune your photography skills to be able to capture the essence of your work, your space (or a client’s space) and also ace the Instagram and social media game, then you definitely need to join us.

Spaces are filling up quickly so you better sign up :) Head over here for more info and for details. If you have any questions let me know! See you then!


The Green Caesar Non-Alocholic Cocktail

January 12, 2016

The Green Caesar Non-Alocholic Cocktail

The Green Caesar Non-Alocholic Cocktail

Waaaait a second, am I actually publishing a recipe that has no booze in it? Shiiit. I guess 2016 is the year of change, eh? :P

It may sound shocking, but despite the rise of the “craft cocktail” and all things fancy and boozy, non-alcoholic drinks are actually making a big comeback, including low ABV drinks (alcohol by volume). I think as much as we all love a good cocktail, our current lifestyles are changing and that means you may be a designated driver, or you could be taking a car-to-go to get home, or simply you want to enjoy an evening drink without getting smashed, and you know what? I’m totally digging this.

The unfortunate thing with non-alcoholic drinks – side note: I call them non-alcoholic drinks and not “mocktails” as I feel the latter is a dirty word with bad rep that reminds me of shitty cough-syrup-tasting pink flamingo cocktails – back to the topic..ok so the unfortunate thing with non-alcoholic drinks is that many, if not almost all of them, have been crafted with flavoured syrups, which sucks, because you always get a super sweet soda-like cocktail.

The Green Caesar Non-Alocholic Cocktail

For this cocktail I thought of not even doing a “slightly less sweet” version of something, but rather, go down the opposite way and make it totally savoury. For those of you who don’t know about the mighty caesar cocktail, it’s a total Canadian staple! And sorry American friends, bloody marys are just gross, that’s right, I’ll take clamato over tomato juice any day! haha.

A regular caesar is made with clamato juice, vodka or gin and a bunch of sauces and condiments, totally savoury and oh so yummy for brunch. It’s like a whole meal!

In this green version I use lots of greens as a base to add flavour (and nutrition?), a few tomatoes to add acidity, and a couple spices for a nice little kick. Of course, no good caesar is complete without a salty rim; this green version has one with freshly cracked pepper included. mmmh mmmh good!

Ok so what do you say, wanna give it a go? I say yes! Go for it! Make me one while you’re at it ;)

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Easy Entertaining: Crostini Station

December 16, 2015

Easy Entertaining: Crostini Station

Easy Entertaining: Crostini Station

Easy Entertaining: Crostini Station

Wowee! The countdown is down for both, Christmas and New Years and I am feeling a bit like this guy right here. How the hell did time go flying like that? (I think I say that almost every year haha).

Well, one thing’s for certain, we all gotta do some entertaining and some point, and I don’t know about you, but I am not going to slave in the kitchen for 230 hours to prepare a feast – sorry friends – the stylist is on holidays haha. Instead I am following the tips of the Queen of the kitchen, a.k.a. Nigella (you can find her tips here) where everything’s casual and made to have fun; lots of picky bits and booze. Done!

I made three recipes for a crostini station with the dudes of Kendall Jackson, I even offer some wine pairings with each crostini, so that all you have left to do is party with your peeps. I mean, that’s what I call celebrating the holidays! Get all three recipes and pairings over at their blog.

OH! And on another note, I am stoked to be caught up with projects which will leave me with more time to go back in the kitchen for fun so that you guys can enjoy some new recipes here on ze blog. Woop!

Created in partnership with Kendall Jackson Wines. All views my own.

Styling + Photography Workshop in Vancouver

May 8, 2015


You guys! I’m so so excited to introduce the very first Styling + Photography Workshop taught by yours truly in collaboration with London Fields Shoppe in Vancouver.

This hands-on workshop is designed to teach you the basics of styling and photography. It will be jam-packed with pro advice to take your styling game to the next level.

Lessons include: the process of styling from beginning to end, natural light and composition, basics of photo editing, affordable photography equipment and props (including practicing with some rad products from London Fields Shoppe and a few DIY tips), and tips for using images on social media.

Food, interiors, products – you name it – this workshop shall help you create beautiful content for your business or brand.

Space is limited so make sure to sign up! REGISTER ONLINE OR in person at London Fields Shoppe located at 692 East Hastings (at Heatley Street) in Vancouver (open 11-5pm Wednesday to Sunday). For more details you can check out London Fields Blog.

Hurray for getting schooled!

Orange Macadamia Challah Bread Pudding with Coconut Créme (Dairy Free)

February 26, 2015

Orange Macadamia Challah Bread Pudding with Coconut Créme (Dairy Free)

Orange Macadamia Challah Bread Pudding with Coconut Créme (Dairy Free)

This is as rich as it sounds. Better yet, it combines a little bit of a hawaiian touch with macadamia nuts, orange, and coconut. This recipe is a merge between bread pudding and bostock. AWESOME. You can get the full recipe over at Baked The Blog