Flavoured Water

September 9, 2014

Apple Cinnamon Flavoured Water

Frozen Grape Cilantro Flavoured Water

Frozen Grape Cilantro Flavoured Water

Orange Vanilla Bean Flavoured Water

Peach Mint Flavoured Water

This week I’ll share a few things from recent work. Today is all about flavoured water. I don’t have an issue drinking natural water, but hey, if you can turn a mundane thing into a gourmet experience, why not?!

The photos above are for a project of natural-flavoured water that will help you stay hydrated and will also look beautiful by your desk. There are some unexpected combos like cilantro, lemon, and frozen grapes, but there are also a couple classics like apple cinnamon and peaches with mint. You can get all the recipes over at LUVO’s Fresh Blog


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