How To: Make a Modern colour block iPad Stand

October 22, 2013

How to make a modern colour block iPad stand

How to make a modern wooden iPad stand

Say hello to Molly from the amazeballs blog Almost Makes Perfect. Today Molly’s gonna show us how to make an insanely cool and easy Modern Colour Block iPad Stand. Make one for yourself and why not, one as a gift for your friends!. Take it away Molls!

hi! this is molly from almost makes perfect. so happy to be a guest on gabriel’s blog – we’ve been blog pals for a few months now and i’m obsessed with everything he does… well you get it. he’s cool. NOW ME:

today i’m going to show you how to make a modern iPad stand for the kitchen — i use my iPad for recipes while cooking and never have a place to put it so it ends up covered in food. now i have a cute place to put it!

this project is really cheap and simple, if you don’t own a saw at home, just have the hardware store guys cut it for you.

let’s make it!

modern colour block iPad stand

How to make a modern colour block iPad stand


– a piece of pine wood cut at 9″ tall x 10.5″ wide
– 2 pieces of trim cut at 9″ x 1/4″
– wood glue
– painters tape
– wood stain (i used english chestnut)
– white paint
– a brush
– sandpaper
– a clamp (not pictured)

How to make a modern colour block iPad stand


– once you have your wood cut, sand it all until you have a smooth finish.

– glue one piece of trim onto the bottom of your base and carefully clamp it to get it flushed. make sure you try not to get any glue on the surfaces that will show as they won’t stain properly. wait 20-30 minutes and then do your second piece. let dry for an hour or so.

– tape off 1/3 of your base and using your fingernails or a credit card, smooth it down as tightly as you can

– stain the bottom half and let dry for 12 hours or so. once dry, peel off the tape and tape off the opposite area, starting at the very top of the stained line.

– paint the other half white. if your stain leaked through the tape at all, just make sure to really saturate those areas and they won’t show through. wait until its dry, SLOWLY remove the tape and you’re done!

How to make a modern colour block iPad stand

How to make a modern colour block iPad stand

Fellas! Is this cray or is this cray? So easy! I’m so not a DIYer but this is something I can definitely make. Please make sure to visit Almost Makes Perfect for more amazing modern DIYs like this one. Thanks a bunch Molly!

DIY Project, styling, and photos by Molly from Almost Makes Perfect


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