How To Make An Energizing Cold Brewed Tea

June 11, 2013

How to make an energizing cold brewed tea

Can you feel the heat? Yes we can!

At last, the sun is here friends. There’s nothing left to do other than let it soak while reading your favorite book at the park. Pure. Bliss. I must admit though, the whole waking-up-from-hibernation thing has left my batteries a bit depleted, but there’s a cure for that. Cue: the most amazingly energizing and refreshing cold brewed tea ever. Wanna make a few batches with me? Yeah you do!

How To Make An Energizing Cold Brewed Tea

How To Make An Energizing Cold Brewed Tea


– A clean glass bottle or container (I prefer glass as it won’t leach any nasty stuff)
– 1 kaffir lime leaf
– Organic yerba mate – about 3 tablespoons per cup of water
– A few slices of fresh ginger
– Water

Make it:

– Combine all ingredients, stick’em in the bottle.
– Let it sit overnight.
– Wake up, do some stretches, thank the sun for this amazing day, go to the kitchen, strain the brewed tea.
– Bottle up and enjoy!

How to make an energizing cold brewed tea

How to make an energizing cold brewed tea

How freaking simple is that? Dudes, seriously, this mix is so amazing. Yerba mate is full of antioxidants, aids digestion, and has a different kind of caffeine that will help you kick your day in the balls, but without the horrible jitters – the grassy flavor of yerba mate is complemented by the spiciness of the ginger and the fragrant, refreshing kaffir lime. Holy yogi on a cracker!

Let me know if you come up with any crazy mixes of your own, love to try’em!

How to make an energizing cold brewed tea

Get the look: glass bottle / wooden coasters / tea / glassware

Photos and Styling by The Artful Desperado


  • Hayes

    First, thank you for the inspiration.
    Now, are you sure about 3 tablespoons per cup of water? I just tried to make 2 quarts of cold brew—if you do the math that is 1.5 cups of mate! I don’t think that is right, and I am currently researching.

    • Gabriel

      Hi! Yup, that’s the amount. It takes A LOT more to make cold brew as you are not extracting the flavour and other goodies using heat, therefore it takes longer and also you need more of it. Mind you, that’s the amount I used for a few cups so at the end it comes down to personal choice, if you like it lighter you can always use less and tweak the next batch if needed. Some people like a hint of tea in it, some others (me) like it quite strong. Enjoy it!!

  • thecitygourmand

    This will definitely hit the spot on those hot summer days…!

  • Lena

    • Can you also add other flavours of tea? (I don’t like ginger)
    • Why don’t you boil water first, let it brew and then cool :)?


    • Gabriel

      Hi Lena! Yes, you can definitely try another flavour of tea, you can use just kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, or even basil (adds a fragrant sweetness). Anything goes, really. Also you can use other kind of tea if you want. As for boiling, if you do, the brew would come out way too strong and acidic (the high heat oxidises the leaves). By doing a cold brew, you get a less bitter, smooth product. Enjoy!

  • Kandy

    What could be used in place of the lime leaves? I do not have access to them. This looks amazing and I love your pictures…makes me want to bake and cook!

    • Gabriel

      Hi Kandy! Thank you for the compliments. You could use some lemon peel instead, but I would only soak it in the drink for an hour or so or it’ll get bitter. Make sure to remove the pith from the peel (the white stuff) before letting it steep.

  • Anette

    Hi Gabriel!

    Can I store the tea for several days in the fridge? Or do I have to drink it all the next day?

  • Holly

    just wondering what pattern you used for the background? Is it a fabric?

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  • Pete Mastroianni

    Can you brew the yerba mate and ingredients in the sun? Like sun tea?

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