Let’s Join Creative Forces!

April 10, 2014


GUYYSSS. Oprah is not here to scream, so I will have to fake it. GUUUYYSS. Huge awesome news that include you. Yep! Here’s the scoop:

A few weeks ago I was invited to be part of this rad new market place based out of NYC called GREAT.LY Basically GREAT.LY will be a place for tastemakers to open a curated online shop stuffed to the ceiling with products they love from people they love. Isn’t it awesome?! Seems like the perfect marriage, right?

Now check out the lineup of peeps ready to open shop for GREAT.LY’s launch in mid May:


(AY DIOS MIO, I am side by side with big gun girlies!)

So here’s how it works: Makers make and earn. Tastemakers sell and earn. Buyers get to enjoy the best of both worlds in one rad shop full of hand-picked treasures from their favourite bloggers (I’m one of them, right?!).

I have so many vendors in mind it’s definitely going to be hard to narrow them down. If you are a MAKER and want to be part of this tornado of coolness, then hurry up and APPLY HERE, and obvi, if you like my style and we are a fit, I’d absolutely LOVE to work with ya.

For more info about GREAT.LY read this post on The Jealous Curator.

BOOYA!!! Let’s do this!

PS. If you want to be part of my shop and/or have some rad ideas to collaborate on products you can also email me on hello@theartfuldesperado.com


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