Matchstickmen by Wolfgang Stiller

February 27, 2013

Matchstickmen by Wolfgang Stiller

Matches never looked this good! I am seriously loving this installation by Wolfgang Stiller. He has taken a mundane object to new heights.

I’m still riding Monday’s boat of “art doesn’t always have to be controversial” – today’s post is another perfect example of this. In my opinion, Wolfgang’s sculptures don’t necessarily communicate a bold statement – rather, they’re just meant to be enjoyed “as is” – raw, simple, clever. I must say it’s a nice break to feature this kind of art, especially when life over here at the Desperado’s headquarters has been chaotic to say the least. A big life change and hunting for new projects has depleted my creative batteries. It’s all part of the process, right? And batteries can always be recharged. Thankfully, we have people like Wolfgang that let use see the hidden beauty in everyday life.

Now, I challenge you to make the matches in your bathroom look like the ones above. Ready? Start carving!

IMAGES: Wolfgang Stiller


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