Mixology: How To Make The Perfect Caesar

May 29, 2013

How to make the perfect caesar

There is this little ritual I try to follow every weekend where I go out for brunch and MUST order a Caesar. It’s like having a glass of “heck yes, you deserve this” with lots of spicy notes and a bit of vodka to dissolve any tensions left from the week. Seriously, it’s the best.

Now, you may be more familiar with the classic version of a Caesar which has a fugly stick of celery as garnish – yuck! That’s a thing of the past. Today I am updating your mixology knowledge with this recipe of a modern day Caesar. Oh and before I forget, to all of my friends in the US of A: this ain’t a Bloody Mary. A true Caesar uses clamato which is obtained from the tears of mermaids that are bathing in the beautiful coasts of Canada. True fact.

How to make the perfect caesar

How To Make The Perfect Caesar

Dudes, it’s like breakfast in a glass!

– Clamato juice
– 1 lime
– Olives (mix and match any kind you like)
– Pickled pepperoncini peppers
– Sriracha sauce
– 1 spicy dried Spanish chorizo (or jerky if ya like)
– Ice cubes
– Equal parts of paprika and salt for the rim
– 1 shot of vodka
– 1 cocktail skewer

how to make the perfect caesar

How to make the perfect caesar-3

Rim it: squeeze some of the lime around the edge of the glass and rim it with the paprika and salt mix.
Spice it: add some ice to your glass. Add a teaspoon of Sriracha sauce (you can take it!), squeeze the rest of the lime, add vodka. Optional: if you like tangy, then add a splash of the pepperoncini brine (y.u.m.)
Top it: top it all up with Clamato juice.
Garnish it: spear a few olives, a pepperoncini pepper, and a thick slice of chorizo with the cocktail skewer and use as garnish.
Bottoms up!

How to make the perfect caesar

This is honestly one of my favorite cocktails, and I’m pretty sure after you try it, you’ll be hooked too. Don’t be alarmed if you start randomly craving one while in the office or when chilling at home. It’s totally normal! (Right?)

Tell me, are you gonna give it a go?

Styling: The Artful Desperado
Photography: Mark Yammine


  • Melinda's Musings

    Love the blog you have here Gabriel! So happy I just spotted a link to it on Pinterest, via As Ink Remains. Very well curated, I’ll be following.

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of a Caesar and did assume from this photo that it was a Bloody Mary recipe! Looks delicious though, I’m bookmarking it to try it one day.

    • Gabriel

      Hi Melinda! Thanks so much!! So happy you like my bloggy home ;) and yep, you should totally try it, it’s perfect for summer!

  • Chelsea

    I love that Canadians are so into Clamato – my other favorite West Hemisphereans the Mexicans love it, too and that’s where I first fell in love with it. Clamato + tequila = a vampiro in Mexico :)

    • Gabriel

      OMG Chelsea you get the best of both worlds here as I am mexican living in Canada, bam! haha. And YES! Vampiros are sooo good. I’m gonna post about it! :D

  • Abe

    Had one for the first time on business in Ottawa, delicious!…..it’s a shame it took me this long to discover these. Although I do drink, when made well, you don’t miss the booze!…….I’ll be trying your recipe once I get back to the ATL…….thnx

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  • Trevor Gregson

    Without actual measurements? 1-4 ratio on vodka / Clamato at least.

    very Poor

    • Gabriel

      Hi Trevor! I agree, I totally didn’t add measurements to this recipe – it was my first ever I believe (or 2nd) – I shall update it!

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