Mural Installation by Alex Brewer

Mural Installation by Alex Brewer

Ok. Is this a new religion happening? Cuz I totally wanna be part of it. Alex Brewer - better known as HENSE – is an Atlanta based artist that has over two decades of experience creating free-style paintings, murals and installations; all of them soaked with bright colours and patterns.

I think it would be a great project to have someone like Alex reno boring buildings in the city – let me tell you Vancouver has many of those! A punch of color in every city corner? There should be a law for that!

IMAGES: Hifas / Hense

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  1. Ahhmazing! Can he please come do this to my house?

  2. m.a.tateishi says:

    I second that motion! What could be better on a rainy day like today than technicolour architecture? That church looks amazing, and painting it looks like a lot of fun.

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  6. Petite Caja says:

    Amazing work! I’d love to live in a house like that :)

  7. Ksam56 says:

    This is amazing! Imagine say a restaurant in this space…Hell, you’d never have to worry about folks finding your place!

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