OK – Omin Käsin

August 26, 2013

OK – Omin Käsin

OK – Omin Käsin

OK – Omin Käsin

OK – Omin Käsin

Heaven is a Scandinavian interior design and DIY book called OK – Omin Käsin. Yes, this is all DIY and styling for the home gone cray. I bet if harry potter wanted to put a spell on this thing he would called it “oh-my-fuckin maximus.” That good.

Now, my Finnish is kinda rusty (ha!) so I have no clue if the book will be released at the same time in English (I bet it will at some point), but who cares! It’s so pretty that I’m sure we can figure it out, if not, it’s still a wonderful source of inspiration. I knew this was gonna happen, someone was going to step up to the DIY plate and elevate the crafty biz to new heights. And of course they had to be Scandinavian. I’m thinking I’m gonna invest in some business that imports water from this region to Canada so I can drench myself in their radness.

I doff my hat to Finnish design bloggers, Susanna Vento of Varpunen and Riikka Kantinkoski of Weekday Carnival for this phenomenal publication.

If you want to get a copy of the book which will be released on August 28th (EEK!) head over here. To keep up with the coolness visit OK – Omin Käsin’s FB page, and if you want to have a little jealousy attack, check out this post and this other one where they have photos of the launch party. *SIGH* Only in Finland.

K, that does it, I’m gonna get drunk at Ikea. Besos.


  • Ania @ The New Diplomat's Wife

    given that we just moved into our scandinavian home, i think we need this for some scandinavian inspiration – am on the lookout!

    • Gabriel

      Say wha?!!? Oh I am sooo jealous right now. That must be fantastic! And yes, you should def grab a copy so you can get your new pad in shape!

  • Lisa

    Hi Gabriel,

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I have tried to email you but it didn’t work. So for more information, see my blog :D

  • Melanie

    Woah. I would totally buy this book even if I couldn’t read it.

  • Suki

    Wow! Thank you so much for these kind words! I’m sorry that the book is in Finnish, but I think we have some good news later on…

    But as you mentioned, you can order it in Finnish from Adlibris (delivery Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway) and from akateeminen.com (delivery worldwide.)

    Best regards,

    Susanna Vento <3

    • Gabriel

      Ah! Suki, my pleasure! You guys did an amazing job. I will certainly look into it and hopefully the “surprise” comes soon! :)

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