Reinventing My Obsession

September 9, 2016


Before we get started, you should play Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, cuz this shit’s gonna be sexy.

Ok so, hi yo! How’s it going? Hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer – or if you live in Vancouver; the last days of not-summer-at-all (we got crap weather this year, womp womp).

Today I wanted to share with you a super cool project I’ve been working on for the last few weeks (months actually!). I already kinda told you how I basically had a bit of a creative crisis where my idea maker went on strike and nothing new or cool was coming out of it, other than demanding bitchy requests like “EAT PIZZA NOW”. One of the things I wanted to do to change bad vibe trip was to work with clients that were as passionate for the products as I am for photography and styling, and well, when opportunity knocks at your door you better answer!


Cue: the sexy HP Spectre. Now, what does a laptop have to do with resetting my creativity? Well, the HP team approached me and said “look, we like your style and vibe, we wanna work with ya” and that was the beginning of a rather cool project. Basically, they wanted me to reignite my passion and creativity for styling and photography and provide the tools for me to do so. And let me tell ya, they were not joking when they said to expect some rad surprises.



The first crazy surprise I got was that we were going to film a video in Los Angeles for Spectre. I mean, I thought “sure, it’s gonna be a GoPro cam and a couple surf-looking dudes taking notes” HA! Yah right. I got my sassy little ass down to L.A. and BAM! All of the sudden I was in a Hollywood studio getting my hurrrr done and nails did (no nails, but hurr did get done, and it got done good, gurl) and I had NO CLUE what we were supposed to do, and that was awesome! That alone kicked me out of my comfort zone and got my brain to be more like “oh hello! I’m here!”.

Once on set they literally told me “GO!” and I jumped onto this huge awesome minimalist black and white set in front of a filming crew (very cute and fun crew btw) and they started interviewing me, a very candid, spur-of-the-moment type of interview which – despite having tons of anxiety – I totally enjoyed! I think the producer did a fantastic job at tuning into each of the featured talent’s personality and vibes and asked questions that jived with us. Again, totally out of my comfort zone and loving it! And I mean, I’m in goddam LA filming a vid, yo! That’s pretty funky

Here, take a look:

Not too shabby I’d say! By the end of the interview I was so pumped that I totally would’ve twerked on cam haha, thank god that didn’t happen or they would’ve cancelled my contract. At the end of it all we had a mini photo sesh with our new friend, the spectre:


Please note my “HUH? I should look where?” face, total model material here (HA).

I’m not gonna lie, I was totally like “mmmh windows? What’s that”? And to be honest, I LOVE my mac and all, but dude, it’s fucking heavy!!! Like, sure it gets the job done, but I also have to spend more $$ on my chiropractic from carrying my mac beast + camera and other equipment.

I think the very first thing that caught my attention from Spectre was that indeed, it’s mega light and sleek, but without compromising the beast mode (a.k.a. getting shit done). Also, the black minimal design looks totally scandinavian to me and I’m a sucker for anything scandi. I’m still getting used to adapting my routine to a Windows machine, but that’s a very easy step I’m willing to take so that I can travel with a feather-weight backpack and laptop.

This experience was definitely something completely new to me and it made me realize that I truly enjoy working with creatives from other fields other than food. Not to say that there won’t be any food involved in this project…which brings me to this:

For the second part of the project I’m going to reignite my passion for food and photography in Copenhagen’s Food Festival and I’ll be sharing with you a bunch of cool stuff, from restaurants, trends, and dishes to even some recipes! Super stoked for that. You better be hungry for the 2nd part of the project ‘cause I’ma stuff ya face! (oh yes I did go there)

So there, this is the story of a guy standing in front of a sleek laptop asking him to google. It’s pure romance!

Post created in partnership with HP. All views my own / All photos by yours truly


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