Rocks Made of Mylar and Hot Glue by Tara Donovan

October 30, 2012

Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2011. Mylar and hot glue

Shiny disco balls! Or rather, shiny mighty art installation by Tara Donovan. This is a new discovery for me, I didn’t know about the art of miss Donovan until I stumbled upon these images. Obviously, my heart kinda skipped a beat and I had to dig more. As described by the NY Times, Tara Donovan is “The Genius of Little Things” – known for her absolutely stunning installations, she has a skillful eye for symmetry and large scale pieces.

She also has the reputation of turning everyday objects into crazy works of art (like the one above). Ah! I am so very glad I found her. I think I’m gonna stare at this for a while….come, sit next to me and let’s space out together. Ready? 1.2.3…….

IMAGES: Pace Gallery and Barbara Krakow Gallery, via Cave To Canvas

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