Starving Artist Recipes and Illustrations by Sara Zin

June 25, 2014

Starving Artist Recipes and Illustrations by Sara Zin

OH! Someone please pass me a bar of chocolate, I feel fainty with such beauty! Food, illustration, recipes – yes yes and yes.

Los Angeles artist, Sara Zin, recently created a new project titled Starving Artist Recipes where she illustrates her favourite meals and gives instructions and all on how to prepared them.

What I love the most is the description of her project, it’s so honest and cute:

While I’m no celebrity chef, my goal for this blog is sincere — to share the recipes (and personal insight) I wish I knew when I was younger, to whomever is interested

And that’s what good food is all about; sincere ingredients and simple moments. And how awesome are those drawings? I am a total fan of this style of food blogging. You go Sara!

For more great recipes and illustrations visit Starving Artist Recipes

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