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dice sculptures by Tony Cragg




Tony Cragg must be one of the most patient people on earth! His patience obviously pays off – I mean, look at these sculptures.

His work takes gambling and board games to a whole ‘nother level.

via: colossal

COLOR INSPIRATION – Plenty of Colour




Source: Plenty of Color 


Sometimes you find sites so so beautiful they make you tear a little bit. Well, I found one of those today. To my delight, it was all about COLOR.

Meet Plenty of Colour {yes, colour – with an O and a U. Cool Canadian spelling right, Yankee?} a rainbow orgasm by talented designer Chloe Douglas – who also happens to be one of the designers for the 2010 Olympics. You can’t get any cooler than that.

Chloe’s blog is full, I mean, FULL  of beautiful color inspiration – from Pantone palettes to street art {and some confetti too!}

One of the features I like the most on her blog is the color index. Feeling in a scarlet mood? Looking for ivory shades? Wanna rock some metallics?  Then just go to the blog’s side bar and simply click on them and BOOM! color explosion before your eyes.

Plenty of Colour should definitely be on your inspiration bookmarks.

Thank you Chloe for the visual feast.