The New Cargoh Launches Tomorrow, June 15th!

June 14, 2011



My friends over at Cargoh will be launching the new version of their site tomorrow!  For those who don’t know, Cargoh is a curated social marketplace that’s full of coolness and this new face-lift will be just pure amazeballs.  To make a point of how great it will be and how much fun you’ll have there – read the following points:

  • It’ll tingle and burn your senses like Tiger Balm does on your gonads
  • It’ll make you feel loved, just like your security blanky did {Cargoh is a grown-up version of it}
  • It’ll make you feel inspired and satisfied - just like when you stuff your face with nutella and bananas
  • It will make your creative life so much happier
So. Bookmark it. TOMORROW. Cargoh. Be there or be square.

How to Be Productive + Weekend Material

December 3, 2010

I actually have no idea of how to be productive on the weekends. I just wrote that cuz I wanted to grab your attention and I think search engines dig those titles – AKA I’m whoring myself for blog traffic. I love google, I love bots from search engines, I am part of the Oprah book club, I carry Justin Bieber’s baby inside of me {see, totally working my magic here}.

But, what I do have is a bunch of awesome weekend links for you. This stuff is gonna get you cleaned, inspired, excited and happy. From crafty projects to faithful vintage love – it’s all right here. While you check’em out I’ll be browsing for natural remedies to cure hangovers {let’s just say I attended a party that had FREE booze…’nuff said}

Check check check it out:


Get Loving  - Dear Faithful – Lut Boutique


Get Booked – Jonathan Callan – Via Mint


Get clean – Olive Life – Via Cargoh


Get Creative - Art House Co-op Projects


Get Crafty – Photojojo Xmas Project

Get Crackin!


Brain Issues

November 17, 2010

Don’t worry I am not about to perform a lobotomy online. Although, I could use one of those right now. That and a vacuum cleaner that had an attachment that I could plug into my head and suck the 100000 thoughts I am processing at the moment. I think I might just create a post later to deal with this emotional diarrhea {not even ginger ale and toast can stop it}. Consider yourself warned.

On a more – insightful and less self-absorbing note – I found this neet-o piece of art by Chris Brett. Who – as stated by his Twitter – is into “Art, dogs and creative people” . I like that mix. Except I’ll swap the dog for a llama.

This is his 3D illustration of a crazy TV-like creature. The illustration even comes with 3D glasses yo!

Get ready to indulge in some funky old school special effects {by the way it’s on sale @ Cargoh, so load it on your Xmas shopping cart}


This Week’s I Likey Like

November 16, 2010


Hello friend. This week will be bursting with artist packed- indie events, from craft markets and indie parties to Dj’s and mittens with attitude. Have ‘lil bite of awesome:

  • Scored tix for Circle Craft Xmas Market!


  • A weekend of design, music and craziness; Make it! show. Plus this show is sponsored by the central of all things awesome, Cargoh!


  • Check out this YUMA-MAMA Orange Chipotle Cocoa recipe by my YUMA-MAMA friend Sarah. Via her boombastic Vegan blog – Meet Nutrition


  • Awesome Tumblr of mish-mash imagery. The Illustrati

  • And last, but not least, a band that is suitable with the current weather, meet Winter Gloves


And there will be some other things in between, but I shall post that in time. OH and tomorrow tuesday marks the official 4 week countdown for my official mental breakdown, more to come…


Oh happy day…

July 6, 2010

There are a few times when I feel as hyper as I feel right now. It’s usually triggered by something or someone that made me have a massive grin from ear to ear.

It usually happens at Christmas or when it snows and you cannot get to work. In this case, it’s thanks to my brand new post (yeah, I am bragging, big time!!! ) at Cargoh . It looks so pretty!!! It’s like my 1st baby. Now I am totally addicted and I want more of this. FEED ME BABIES!

I got so excited about it that my hair went into an instant mexi-crazy head, Whoopi style . So once again, in case you didn’t see the link, here… eat it, enjoy it, rub it, pounce it, grab it and do it again.

I’m off to watch Sister Act and eat tacos to celebrate.

PS to make this post even sexier, listen to this guy, David Vertesi, his voice is like an air born juggernaut. Drool…