The Best Panzanella: Beef Tenderloin + Charred Spring Onions

September 10, 2017

This panzanella is at the top of its game! I made an updated version with beef tenderloin, charred spring onions, loads of tomatoes, and greens and let me tell ya it turned out fantastic!

I find a panzanella to be the easiest way to come up with a full dinner idea with minimal effort, totally cheating the game haha, but seriously, all you need is some nice crusty bread (it can even be a day or two old) made into croutons, some veggies, and a protein of your choice, combine and bam! You are ready to feed the masses.

This recipe was paired with some wine for my wino friends of La Crema, their Monterey Pinot Noir, and it went preeeetty nicely with it. You can find the full recipe OVER HERE. Enjoy!

Created in partnership with La Crema wines.


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