Amanda Nelsen – 40,000 pieces of junk mail turned into art

January 27, 2012

I don’t know about you but I love getting mail – the good ol’ style. There’s just something utterly romantic about it; the texture, stamps, envelope…such a sensory pleasure – except when you get bills, pizza coupons, the false promises of a politician and the latest Shina-Gel discounted nail polish  from the parlor around the corner (now, I don’t know if Shina-Gel is actually a real product so bear with me).

Not long ago I wanted to give a purpose to all of these paper skeletons – aka junk mail – so I went ahead and purchased the Junk Mail Origami Book. That didn’t go well. With the amount of credit card bills I had I would’ve created a paper version of the Titanic – chubby Rose and girly Leo included.

Thank god someone out there has the tenacity and natural talent to tackle this mailbox plague – cue Amanda Nelsen and her incredible Kinkade Recycled installation; a collection of 40,000 junk mail pieces folded and string bundled into 2 inch cubes that resemble colored pixels. At first I thought I was looking at a giant painting, maybe a rug – then I read about it and I couldn’t resist making it the feature for today’s Artful Friday.

Amanda, is because of people like you that this world is so wonderful.

So, are you guys going to give it a try? How about creating a sculpture with your student loan statements? If you are on the same boat as some of my friends – by the end of your project your sculpture could look like the Eiffel tower. Very artful!

Amanda Nelsen


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