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Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas



Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

Liberty and Anarchy by Nike Savvas

After a long hiatus, Australian artist Nike Savvas created this series of large-scale geometric pieces titled Liberty and Anarchy/ The pieces were part of her “comeback” show at Leeds Gallery in the UK.

It goes without saying that these embroidered sculptures (for lack of a better term), are stunning! All the colours and shapes make them super hypnotic. There’s definitely no better way to come back after a long creative break than with a HUGE BANG. In this case a very colourful bang.

Can you imagine making some of these pieces on a smaller scale? Say, for your desk or shelf as art for one’s home? AH! Maybe the artist could come up with a DIY!!..Though, she might slap me in the face for suggesting that haha.

Images via: My Modern Met

Hand Painted Furniture by Molly Hatch



Hand painted chair by Molly Hatch

Hand painted chair by Molly Hatch

Hand painted chair by Molly Hatch

Hand painted chair by Molly Hatch

Molly Hatch knocked it out of the park with this crazy series of hand painted chairs designed for Anthropologie and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, basically the 2 most amazing places on earth, one for shopping, one for gawking at amazing art.

All of these pieces were painted in her studio and are one of a kind. No cray cray mass produces stuff in here fellas, we are talking serious skills in here. Molly used historic prints as inspiration for her paintings, which in addition to the sleek modern design of the chair, create the perfect combo.

Who wants one of these babies?

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler



OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler

JEBUZZZZ. I think it’s only fair if we all freak out a little bit about these mixed media pieces by Jesse Draxler, no?

This series was produced by Jesse as a lookbook for New York based high-end retailer OAK NYC, and boy did he nail it! I swear, just by looking at these images I want to buy every single article of clothing, which will probably cost a million dollars, but hey, one can dream, right?

If you do have a million dollars just laying around and want to go shopping to OAK, can you take me with you?! I’ll carry your bags!

The Design Files Open House – Art, Design, and Radness from Down Under



The Design Files Open House

Art by Esther Stewart

Dudes! ok. brace yourselves. a giant wave of awesome stuff from down under is about to hit your screen. it’s gonna inundate your rss feed and any other places where i post my stuff. don’t fight it. just take it in, all in.

k, so i’m still working on my back-from-australia posts (holy shit, it takes a lot of time to select the perfect photos). so in the meantime, i’m gonna share with you artful things from the land where the ‘roos roam free. first off – the coolest of them all – the design files 2013 open house.

as you may know, the design files is one of australia’s most loved design blogs, i mean, how can you not love it, it’s bursting at the seams with colour, creativity, and beautiful photos. well, apparently, that’s not enough. so what’s the next logic step? bring all this radness into the real world with an open house where EVERYTHING you see in it is for sale. kind of a dream home that you can buy in pieces.

they started this project in melbourne (the coolest city on planet earth – sorry NYC, but it’s true) back in 2011 and obviously it was a total success. now, for the first time, they’re hosting two open houses! one in sydney and one in melbourne. like whoa.

all the products displayed in the house are carefully curated by the design files team, and they’re nothing short of amazing. they have people of the caliber of esther stewart (paintings above) who we all love – oh! and whose work I got to see in person!! gah! – there’s also established aussie talent like beci orpin and harvest textiles, and many other up and coming gems.

what i love about this is that they are promoting local talent, peeps down there are totally into supporting their own. just the way it should be!

i selected a few favourites for this feature, but feel free to peruse the full list of participants on the design files’ open house page. talk about inspiration! Are you lovin’ it?

kirra jamison

art by kirra jamison


leather goods my mademeasure

Witu bags

neoprene tote by witu (i so wanted to get one but the store were i found them was closed, womp womp)

Art by Miranda Skoczek

art by miranda skoczek

Art by Laura Jones

art by laura jones

Objects by Stampel

lovely design by stampel

Art and Music: Arcade Fire’s New Interactive Video ‘Just A Reflektor’



Arcade Fire Just a Reflektor

OH EM GEE. Grab on to your panties because we are about to embark on a musical journey thanks to the as-per-usual radness of Arcade Fire’s new interactive Video Just A Reflektor . Remember when they launched The Wilderness Downtown? (the one where they used Chrome and pop-ups), well this one is 10X better.

Ok, I won’t keep babbling. I will let you experience this on your own.

Things you’ll need:

- A smartphone
- Chrome on your computer (make sure to not have 1000 tabs open so it runs smoothly)

Once you have those, head over here: Just A Reflektor, and follow the instructions on screen. If it doesn’t run smoothly the first time, just refresh the page and try again (like a gazillion people are watching it right now).

When you’re done, let me know what you think? Was it too much? Was it awesome? I personally think it’s kind of brilliant; the music, the graphics, the effects, the interaction, so good! Plus, you gotta give them credit for making us wave our phones in front of the computer like total geeks that have no fucks to give. So yeah, let me know what you think and enjoy!

PS. If you can turn off the light in your room, that’s even better. Oh! and if you don’t have a smartphone, that’s fine, you can use your computers mouse.

PSS. If you want geek out, visit their technology page and read all about the effects.

Thanks to Jordan from Minimograph for sharing this!