Gabriel Cabrera - Artful Desperado

Photo: Tomasz Wagner Photography


Who’s this guy in the photo?

Hi! I’m Gabriel and I’m the dude in charge here at Artful Desperado. Welcome!

OMG you’re so handsome, where are you from?

I know, I’m also really humble…anyways. I was born in Mexico but I now live, work, and play in Vancouver, Canada. Yes, I changed heat and awesome beaches for maple syrup and mountains – so far so good!

So, English is not your first language?

Nope! Therefore you will find some odd jokes that perhaps make more sense in Spanish. Nevertheless they are funny (so I think). Also just so you know I swear quite a lot in Spanish, so I tend to do the same in English – don’t be scardy if I drop the F bomb here and there, k?

What’s Artful Desperado?

Artful Desperado is my creative home in the shape of a spaciously-bright blog. This space is an online gallery designed to showcase the raddest digs in food, art, and design – basically all the good things in life!

Are you like, a big deal or something?

Didn’t I say I was humble?! Jeeezz..but since you’re asking, yes I have had a few OMG moments. You can check out the full press list over here.

Do you accept submissions?
For art and design, yes I do! Just make sure your style fits the blog. Oh! And all photos must be at least 800PX in width, that way people can drool all over your work.

How can I get in touch with you?

For all general inquiries and love letters you can contact me on hello[at]gabrielcabrera.com. Due to the amount of emails I receive, and because I yet have to make a career as a spanglish rapper so I can afford hiring an assistant, I cannot personally reply to every inquiry! But I promise by the guacamole in my chips, I’ll do my best.


Do you take all of your photos?

For recipe/food posts yes, I style and photograph them myself. All other photos that are not mine are credited to the appropriate source.

Can I use your food photos?

If it’s to share in a roundup or “link party” then yes, you may use up to 2 photos which should be credited to Artful Desperado linking back to the original post (pretty, please!).

What about print, full-repost, and other uses of your photos?

All my original work is copyrighted, so for any other uses please contact me on hello@gabrielcabrera.com for rates and/or permission. Also, please don’t fully copy a post word by word ’cause that’s just weird (and RUDE *snap snap*). Remember, like my bae and queen Aretha says: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Do you do freelance work?

YES! In fact, I love it! (sshh don’t tell my boss). If you want to work with me head over here to get started. Can I get a woop woop!?


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