inspiration: 6 ways to display your art at home

June 22, 2012

Hello desperados!

Holy smokes, Friday’s already here. I’m not complaining at all but boy how time goes flying.

Today I bring you some inspiration from the most stylish corners of the internet so you can get a few ideas on how to display your art at home. There are many styles you can choose from so take your pick and start your own little home gallery.

1: Tape it up. This one’s super easy and it has a mood board feeling which I’m totally digging – like a Pinterest at home! For this you can use some black electrical tape or if you feel fancy, you can visit etsy and you could get some neon tape.

2: Single one. You know what they say, simple is beautiful. For this style you can pick a signature piece – something that really strikes your mood. Usually it works best one the painting is in the middle of the room with lots of space around it or near the corners of the room like in the picture above.

3: Go bare. Yup, loose the frame! As you can see on this one, the art work is hanging freely. You may want to add some sort of weight on the back of it (on the bottom, either wood or a thin rod) to keep it from flapping around. This style could be a good choice for any bohemian-inspired rooms.

4: Load it. Go big or go home. There’s no rules for this style other than go wild. I’ve seen lots of variations from this one, some crazier than others but the idea remains the same – experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors. TIP: Go to the thrift store and look for less-than-fortunate paintings, you can always reuse the frame (super affordable!).

5: Leaning. Got extra shelf space? Get some art on it! This style comes in handy for people on rental spaces where you can’t really drill the crap out of your wall (and risk losing your damage deposit). You can also try leaning some pieces on the floor against the wall – make sure to choose a spot that’s not on the way or someone could end up stepping on your precious art.

6: Stack’em. Like in the image below – just get a couple pieces to start and stack them vertically. I recommend this style for places with narrow walls and tall ceilings. You can try making a feature wall with a whole column of stacked art. All the way to the bottom. Pretty bold!

Alrighty friends, hope these easy tips help you display your art like a pro. Happy weekend!

photos: 1. Karin Kong | 2. The Brick House | 3. World Interiors 2011 via | 4. The Plumed Nest via | 5. Veneer via  | 6. Apartment Therapy



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