Artful Travels: Australia in a Snapshot Part 2

Artful Travels // The Great Ocean Road

Artful Travels // The Great Ocean Road

The final instalment of this OZ adventure is here! Learn about one of the Great Ocean Road best kept secrets and many other spots and tips. Take your passport and tag along


Artful Travels // The Great Ocean Road

Artful Travels // The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road:I have never seen something so majestic in my entire life. The Great Ocean Road is one of those places that, despite taking many photos, you have to see with your own eyes to believe it. Cool facts about it:

- TGOR is part of Australia’s National Heritage
- The road was built BY HAND by thousands of returned servicemen from the war
- It’s the world’s largest war memorial

Best way to see the road: from above! In a helicopter, that is, including a heli tour of The 12 Apostles (rock formations seen above and below, including the one that’s supposed to look like a seahorse, but to me it looks like a snake? Can you spot it?). Unlike most tourist traps around the world where everything is too hyped-up, the 12 Apostles is an actual MUST-DO and it is NOT overrated AT ALL, on the contrary! They should actually have a warning sign that reads “Insane beauty ahead. You’re about to crap yourself”.

Artful Travels - The Great Ocean Road

While driving along the road you’ll find many little towns that offer different attractions, from topnotch surfing at Torquay Beach to beautiful historic sites at Loch Ard Gorge, but you want to know THE BEST kept secret? Ok, here it is:

Artful Travels // The Great Ocean Ecolodge

Artful Travels // The Great Ocean Ecolodge

The Great Ocean Ecolodge: Oh, I’d kill to go back there again. The Great Ocean Ecolodge is this little lodge secluded in the middle of the wilderness. It’s not only an award-winning retreat but it’s also a conservation centre for endangered species. If you happen to go there, you can either stroll around the eucalyptus trees and relax or you can walk around, learn about the area, and help!

I highly recommend you take the guided tour with one of their experienced staff (our guide was Jesse Lewis, super rad dude!). Oh and just in case you haven’t noticed, yes, there are KOALAS AND KANGAROOS ROAMING FREE! EEEK! These are the most adorable creatures ever. Look how close I got to the little guy pictured above!

I would’ve loved to cuddle with one of them, but as I mentioned in one of my posts for Go Australia; don’t fuck with nature, just let it be and contemplate it from afar. Also, Koalas have GIANT claws that could easy shred your face to pieces, and some of them have chlamydia, so yah no thanks.

Artful Travels - Great Ocean Ecolodge

Artful Travels - Great Ocean Ecolodge

Oh! And the food – oh ma bayeezus – so good! All freshly made everyday, super yummy and nourishing! How cute is this victorian-esque dinning room?!

Artful Travels - Great Ocean Ecolodge

Ok, let’s head back inland to visit Melbourne once more before heading back.

Artful Travels - Melbourne

Melbourne: Well, I kinda went cray cray in there, and you can see why in my 1st post, but I’m not done with the goodies from the city! Here, have a mouthful of Melbubble:

- If you want to buy something for your man (or you’re a man), head over to Incu
- For guys and girls go to Somewhere, which is a hidden gem!
- Get some stuff from Harvest Textiles, rad patterns and colours!
- Go to the Arts Centre
- Ride the free tram around the city
- Go to Queen Victoria Market
- And if you’re there in time, check out the Big Design Market!

Artful Travels - Melbourne

Ok folks, it’s time to head back. I know, my heart is a little bit crushed too. But hey, Australia is gonna be there! So we can always go back (and we’ll definitely will, RIGHT?!).

If you want a play-by-play of the trip (including the best airline and most amazing flight ever), check out my AU goals in Go Australia.

‘Til the next artful travel!

Thanks a gazzzzillion to Tourism Victoria for taking care of this traveling desperado. All views are my own.


Photos: The Artful Desperado

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