Beautiful Things For the Weekend

July 19, 2013

Beautiful things for the weekend

TGIF! Long week again huh? Yep, I hear ya. At least the sun is shining! And you know what that means, right? It means you can head down to the beach so you can relax and catch up with your favorite blogs and magazines, this includes getting up to date with some beautiful things:

From top to bottom, left to right

1: How amazing are these drawstring pendant lights? You want them all, don’t you?
2: Need to send a thank you note to someone? Then send one of these woodcut notecards. They are a pretty artful way to show how much you care.
3: Our butts will be quite pleased to sit on this bunny lounge chair.
4: It’s art, it’s a sculpture, no! It’s a jar! Dang, kinda sucks they are out of stock at LEIF, but you can sign up to get a notification as soon as they get more!
5: Nothing like some collage’d minerals to nurture one’s mixed-media cravings. This one is from Nicole Wermers.
6: Can I borrow $1,600 so I can get this credenza? I promise to pay it back with…hugs and…cookies.
7: If you want your guy to feel like Rambo, then you should get him this pair of Vans, now if your guy is more of a landscape lover, then get him these ones.

Alrighty, you go enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday, mmkay?


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