costumes for art lovers: frida

October 11, 2012

costumes for art lovers

ART. Atelier Olschinsky | ACCESSORIES. headband, makeup, pashmina, mantilla, floral scarf, ribbons | DRESS: H&M

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know how it goes – at the very last minute you freak out because you have nothing to wear to that awesome costume party and –  in this day and age –  the “Oh! I know, I am going to be a sexy [insert lame costume here]” is not valid anymore.

With that in mind, I have created a new mini blog project called Costumes for Art Lovers; a project filled with posts that will help you channel your artsy-halloween vibes, all while looking quite dapper. Today’s post is all about Frida and her flower power. I found almost everything on Etsy! So it’s super affordable. I’m pretty sure you can get similar stuff at your local thrift store. Oh, and dudes, worry not – I have something for you on the next costume post!


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