haute couture inspired art by Peggy Wolf

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As the rain is pouring down, my neck is hurting from all the time I’ve spent in front of my computer and I’m stressing about cooking dinner (if I keep eating frozen food I’ll turn into a mexican Paula Dean) – I found my saviour: the art of Peggy Wolf.

Peggy has been all over the place – interior design, fashion, illustration. No wonder why her work is fit for a runway show. It would be awesome if Peggy paired up with a fashion designer of sorts to create an art/clothing show where you can match your shirt with a canvas (like Basso and Brooke but more collage-y).

On a side note, not everything has been stress today – I got a thank you email from Amanda (the artist that created the rad 40K Junk Mail installation posted below) I couldn’t be more flattered! Amanda mentioned she has a few projects happening in the near future and when the time comes she’ll let me know about them. Can hardly wait! ALSO her post made my blog appear in WordPress’ front page in the “Freshly Pressed” section making The Artful Desperado go kabooom! Thank YOU Amanda and thank YOU newly-discovered-desperados for leaving all of those great comments :)

So, back to Peggy’s art – inspired by all of her colourful pieces I say get your sketch book out, your fashion magazines, scissors and glue and let your artful juices flow!

While you get your supplies  - and I attempt to grow more arms like Vishnu so I can get stuff done around the house – I’ll leave you with some good looking couture-inspired art:

Via: The Strange Attractor

Peggy Wolf,  Etsy store

7 Responses to “haute couture inspired art by Peggy Wolf”

  1. Cariann says:

    I think you should stick to the frozen foods, it’s led you to some really great art and the front page of wordpress! Love this Gab, what a cool artist :)

  2. cocoacow365 says:

    OMG! That’s sooooo awesome! I made sometihing like that, recently for my mom’s birthday, but it’s uncomparable! It looks so amazing! (Frozen food, does wonders for the busy. I was reading ‘Old City Hall’ by Robert Rotenberg, who I had lunch with… oops, getting off track, well, the defense lawyer in there stocks up on frozen food before she starts preparing for a case. she gets busy and forgets a lot of stuff. Well… back to the topic) THOSE ARE SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I don’t get how the parts of the faces fit together soooo well! I could never accomplish that, never. But, there’s hope. Have fun, with your busy life!

  3. joujaa says:

    very cool find! lovin the colors + the pretty birds!!!

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