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December 7, 2015

Home Feature: #ShareMySpot Artful Desperado

Home Feature: #ShareMySpot Artful Desperado

Home Feature: #ShareMySpot Artful Desperado

Home Feature: #ShareMySpot Artful Desperado

Hi guys! How goes it?

So, I’ve been M.I.A. around the interwebs for a little bit and that’s because all of the holiday frenzy, you know, testing recipes until past midnight, styling dishes first thing in the morning, and editing photos until the break of down – by the way have I told you I’m really dramatic? Yep, shocking, isn’t it?! :P

Home Feature: #ShareMySpot Artful Desperado


Today though I have something super exciting to show you. A few weeks ago I got together with the guys from Structube who – if you didn’t know them – are a super cool Canadian crew that creates affordable modern furniture. I’ve been meaning to collaborate with Canadian folks (most of my collabs are from abroad) so this was the perfect chance to do so.

Their crew came over to Vancouver and we filmed a little video showcasing My Spot, which is as you may have suspected – my kitchen! It was super fun to show this guys my cave, especially since it hasn’t been this organized in years haha. After spending some time in my place and getting acquainted with the camera (a.k.a. fucking up a lot of the shots and having to try make my accent less thick), we went out to try one of my fave restaurants in town: Torafuku, which you have to try if you are in town (their cocktails are yum!).

This was definitely a super fun project, since I have never been followed by a camera before and I thought it was quite entertaining – also, in the process I discovered I have a very nasal voice, HA! (nasal HA).

Without further ado, I give you the fantastic video! OH! If you want to find out how to “get the look” of my living room, visit Structube’s page for Artful Desperado where you can find most of the pieces.

Get some popcorn (turn down the volume ’cause my voice may blow up your speakers) and enjoy!

PHOTOS: Mark Yammine

Project created in partnership with Structube. All views are my own


  • Anze



  • David

    Beautiful space Grabriel! Love that wall moulding :)

  • cynthia

    GABRIEL everything about this is beautiful!!!!!!! If you ever feel like, you know, working that interior design magic on someone else’s home … I know “a friend” in DIRE NEED. Lol. So wonderful seeing behind the scenes of your beautiful work and your gorgeous home! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Gabriel

      haha, you should’ve seen it before! I was going to do one of those “before and after” but it was way too shitty to show HAHA. Glad you like it! And if you are asking for a “friend”, tell your “friend” I’d love to help out ;)

  • Dena

    Very nice. Warm. You have a lovely home and it’s nice to see you there. The video is great. Loved watching you do cooking and the styling.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.


  • Nik@ABrownTable

    Dude, your home is gorgeous! I think you might be as dramatic as me ;)

    • Gabriel

      Hey Nik! Thanks! I am pretty happy how it turned out. Before it was one giant prop room (you probably know what I mean haha). Oh and glad to hear I’m not the only drama boy around here haha

  • Agnes {Cashew Kitchen}

    Oh I LOVE peeking into people homes! Especially their kitchen ;D It says so much about a person. So I’m glad you shared it’s not always this organized haha. Either way it looks awesome, so artsy! But I wouldn’t expect anything else ;)
    Have a great day!

    xx Agnes

  • marcella @ modest

    your place looks fantastic! beautiful photos & i always love seeing the behind the scenes set up of another food blogger!

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