New Collages by Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator

August 30, 2013

Growth by Daniella Krysa

Growth by Danielle Krysa

Growth by Danielle Krysa

Growth by Danielle Krysa

Happy Friday guys! So, by now I’m sure you’ve been to The Jealous Curator, right? It’s pretty much one of the coolest compendiums of contemporary art on the interwebs curated by Danielle Krysa (brilliant editor and all-round lovely lady). Not only does she find rad pieces of art to share with her reader, but she’s also an artist herself! She’s even drawing people’s houses (or cars).

Growth is one of her latest series where she has gone “back to basics, back to making art because it’s fun.” I love the little stacked plants! For some reason the colours and textures seem so cozy to me, like you want to hang them in your kitchen and have them near you while baking some treats. And come on, who can resist a well stacked succulent or cactus? Yup, not us!

If you want see more of Danielle’s work visit her site In Progress, and while you’re there, pop by her blog too (bring some food cause you’ll be there for dayssss).

Happy weekend friends!


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