Paintings by Thomas Darnell

August 16, 2013

Paintings by Thomas Darnell

Thomas Darnell

Whoa. I love ending the week with something outstanding, in this case the floral paintings of Thomas Darnell. Are you holding your jaw? Cause I am. There are lots of still-life floral paintings out there, but there’s something about these ones that really draws one’s attention. Maybe it’s the details, maybe it’s him, maybe it’s Maybelline – wait what? Sorry, got carried away. But seriously, the details! You can almost lean over and smell the roses.

Since I know you must be lusting over these paintings, then you should see Thomas’ full portfolio, it’s an artful floral smörgåsbord.

Well, on this happy, summery, rose-infused note, I say happy weekend friends! Enjoy it, wild and free!