portraits by Dan Witz

July 24, 2012

I usually post brighter art filled with lots of color but I just couldn’t resist sharing with you these marvelous portraits by Dan Witz.

I always think of art as a medium to express your wild dreams and inner struggles then – more often than not – I get reminded that art is also a way to depict everyday life, nothing crazy or bizarre – just us, fulfilling our mundane desires…like staring at your damn cellphone! I’m not gonna lie – I am one of those people that sometimes looks like a zombie scrolling up and down on the screen of that mofo called the iPhone. Don’t look so surprised, I know you do it too! (right??!)

I’m really loving Dan’s style – so raw and simple. It’s just people doing “stuff” – but it’s not everyday that you see such detailed portraits of them. When was the last time you saw someone glued to their crackberry and thought – gee, that’s beautiful.

Dan Witz 


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