The New Artful Desperado Branding

July 8, 2014

Artful Desperado Branding

oh hey hey hey! what’s good?! well, nothing much other than I JUST REBRANDED THE BLOG! oh heck to the yes!! *twerk twerk twerk* basically i got a cyber facelift but without any puffy scars or my-face-looks-like-a-muppet tragedies. it’s been long coming and it’s finally here!

so now that i am posting more food (which, as you probably know, is totally my jam) i felt i needed more space. the previous template felt like a tiny little kitchen where you knock everything off everytime you turn around. also, the art and interiors needed space! in short: i needed a gallery. hence the new look.

vancouver super star designer Alicia Carvalho took on the task of rebranding this virtual house of mine. below you can see the mood board that inspired it all.

Artful Desperado Branding

i said bu-bye to yellow hues and hello to minty fresh green accents. we also opened the door to welcome a new playful graphic pattern, all topped with a few pops of watercolour lettering (get it? food, design, and art!).

in this new format there are no more sidebars cluttering the content, and the categories are more organized, including a new recipe box.

artful desperado branding

also my twitter and facebook pages got their dusting of rebranding.

OH! and most importantly, i dropped “the” from my name and it’s simply artful desperado (though facebook is being a bitch and can’t change it). as you see the posts now are quite big and the latest content has been formatted for this new template, though you will see some older posts with smaller images – just pretend they’re big too.

i’m super happy with this fresh new look which will make food, art, and design look better than ever. hope you like the changes too!

– designer: alicia carvalho
– remixed template: blog milk (these gals are super helpful!)


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