Transicionales by Marcela Cardenas

February 28, 2014

Marcela Cardenas Transicionales

Marcela Cardenas Transicionales

Oh Marcela Cardenas, we love this! The hues, the huuuess; blush, mint, violet, and several earthy tones in between – all this plus soft velvety fur and a few drawings on glass. BAM. A visual cocktail to get your weekend started.

I know fur is a bit of a touchy subject for many (I’m with you on that) so we won’t get into a debate of sorts (also, our brains are fried and it’s Friday and we all wanna go home), instead let’s appreciate the beauty and intricate work of this series.

See more of Marcela’s work over here. Once you’re done, you’re free to close your computer and go for a drink :P

Happy weekend señores!

Via: The Jealous Curator


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