Winter Skillet Nachos with Cauliflower “Parm”

December 9, 2016

Winter Skillet Nachos with Cauliflower "Parm"

Winter Skillet Nachos with Cauliflower "Parm"

Baby it’s – fucking – cooold outside! No for reals, it’s like minus 4C or something, we can’t handle that here in the Canadian west coast – probably all of you east coasters are laughing about it, and you should, cuz we are useless with snow!

Since there’s about 1 inch of snow on the ground, that means, Vancouver has shut down and we all are staying indoors. That’s why I thought of making a reaaally nice snack that can also act as dinner, because winter. Cue: Winter Skillet Nachos!

This nachos are dairy free (they use cauliflower parm which is a fave of mine), and are loaded with goodies sans the globs of gross fake cheese and bad pineapple salsa. This skillet nachos have chipotle spiced beans, chanterelle mushrooms, winter greens, and rotisserie chicken! Are you drooling? Good. You should

I made this recipe for the guys of La Crema and paired them up with a fantastic Pinot Noir, ohhh yes girl, you are in for a treat!

Get the whole recipe at La Crema’s blog!

Post created in partnership with La Crema. All views my own.


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