Chorizo Shawarma Crepes with Lemon Tahini

March 31, 2017


Chorizo Shawarma Crepes

Oh haaai. What’s shaking my dear friends? Been bouncing up and down, left and right, hence I am sometimes MIA on this blog. That doesn’t mean I ain’t cookin’ or photographin’, I am! But mostly for other people haha, so that leaves little time at the moment for funsies with the blog. That being said, I did whip up one very very tasty dish that I’ve been having for dinner for the last 3 days: Chorizo Shawarma Crepes with Lemon Tahini!

So here’s a little explanation as to why I made shawarma with crepes: so, I love shawarmas, who doesn’t, right? But the bread is sometimes a bit too much and I end up feeling like a stuffed pigeon. Crepes are light and fluffy but they retain some of that bread-iness. That combined with some spiced-up chorizo (with ras el hanout and za’atar) and a very tangy and garlicky tahini sauce, well, it screams heaven!

I bought the chorizo sausages raw at Whole Foods, and even though you can buy the cured Spanish or Mexican version at specialty shops, I recommend the raw meat version so the flavour of the added spices can really get in there.



This whole recipe is now up on my wine buddies’ blog over at La Crema. As a bonus I offer a pairing that makes this spicy dish 100 times better, seriously, this chardonnay is crisp and fresh with a touch of floral notes which I really enjoyed. And hey, since I opened the bottle, might as well finish it right? HAAAA…no for reals tho..

Hope you enjoy it!

Post created in partnership with La Crema Wines, all views are my own


  • Deb Hatton

    Oh my lord this looks positively unreal. I’m usually a little freaked out by chorizo because of the salt content but I feel like the tahini would really level it out!

    • Gabriel

      It totally does! I used a fresh chorizo from whole foods which is way less salty than the cured spanish version you get a the market.

  • Kate

    I love, love, love this combination. All your recipes are such an inspiration. I’m with you on the too much bread situation, the crepes are just perfection. Hope you get a moment to whip up a margarita for #margaritaweek!! xoxo, Kate

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