Popcorn Two Ways Plus a Wine Pairing

February 23, 2017


Hi guys! How’s’ it going?! Hoping all a-ok with ya. Over here I am up to my knees in food prep and prop shopping for a client cookbook which is preeeetty cool, but also leaves me with little brain power to get here on the blog and produce additional content. However, I did get in the kitchen on the weekend to make a snack for all of us.



This snacky poo is pretty easy to make and has lots of flavour. I mean who doesn’t like glam popcorn, am I right? This popcorn is great for movie night or for stuffing your face while watching re runs of sex and the city (what?! Don’t judge me).

The flavour combos are sage and chipotle and pepper and caramel, so you can get both, sweet and savoury. Aaaand to complete this snack, I am pairing it with a nice mellow red from my friends from La Crema. I tried this combo with their Monterey Pinot Noir and it was just perfect!

Ok, time to get poppin’, go to La Crema’s blog and grab the recipes! Hope you enjoy them.


Post created in partnership with La Crema Wines, all views my own


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