Ghost Photographs by Angela Deane

June 2, 2014

Ghost Photographs by Angela Deane

Ha! Love these photos! Aren’t they creepy and fun? Especially the one with the carousel (’cause let’s be honest, carousels by themselves are already creepy enough).

These ghostly photo-paintings are the creation of Angela Deane. I think that defacing photos and blocking the subjects kinda forces you to look at the image from a different point of view – I swear, if these images didn’t have ghost, we’d probably never pay attention to them.

I think I wanna carry around a camera this summer to snap a few photos and will try to do the same! Mind you, I haven’t done an art project in ages, and most of my art projects are actually happening in the kitchen, but hey, it’s never too late to try something new, right!?

Via: iGnant


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