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Beautiful Things For the Weekend

July 19, 2013

Beautiful things for the weekend

TGIF! Long week again huh? Yep, I hear ya. At least the sun is shining! And you know what that means, right? It means you can head down to the beach so you can relax and catch up with your favorite blogs and magazines, this includes getting up to date with some beautiful things:

From top to bottom, left to right

1: How amazing are these drawstring pendant lights? You want them all, don’t you?
2: Need to send a thank you note to someone? Then send one of these woodcut notecards. They are a pretty artful way to show how much you care.
3: Our butts will be quite pleased to sit on this bunny lounge chair.
4: It’s art, it’s a sculpture, no! It’s a jar! Dang, kinda sucks they are out of stock at LEIF, but you can sign up to get a notification as soon as they get more!
5: Nothing like some collage’d minerals to nurture one’s mixed-media cravings. This one is from Nicole Wermers.
6: Can I borrow $1,600 so I can get this credenza? I promise to pay it back with…hugs and…cookies.
7: If you want your guy to feel like Rambo, then you should get him this pair of Vans, now if your guy is more of a landscape lover, then get him these ones.

Alrighty, you go enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday, mmkay?

Beautiful Things

June 4, 2013

Beautiful things

Who wants to break the bank with me?! Well, it’s already broken. Like, in pieces. BUT that doesn’t mean one can’t covet amazingly beautiful things. After all, life is all about the little details right? And this edition of beautiful things has lots of those.

1: wire side table: holy fuckarama batman. This is making me cry. So so pretty. Want them all.
2: retro pillow: this pillow is totally flirting with us, look at it, all retro and handsome.
3: wire bath shelf: I believe that by purchasing this shelf I will shower more efficiently which will lead to a happier life. Sold.
4: marble iPhone case: there are no coincidences, things happen for a reason. That’s why this case kept knocking at my door. It did, I swear you guys.
5: copper pendant lamp: one day, when I become a rich, hot, italian wife, I will own this lamp. It will happen. You just wait.
6: air plant cube planter: geometry and nature are making love and popping these planters all over the place. Grab one while you can!
7: garza oval chair: this is not a chair, it’s a fucking throne, and you play no games with it (see how I did that there, clever huh?).

Objects of Art | 07

February 13, 2013

Objects of Art Featuring Tim Walker

ART: Photography by Tim Walker // OBJECTS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Cupid is about to strike!! Watch out for that chubby cherub and his sticky arrows! Side effects of Valentine attacks include: increased hormones, decreased cash, chocolate sweats, possible one night stands, and a shopping spree fueled by art (lucky for you, I already created the list above to give you a head start).

Hopefully you suffer just a few of the side effects mentioned, otherwise you’ll be a total mess. I will definitely lock up my wallet for V Day and, I’ll stay at home and watch a few not-so-cheesy movies instead of hitting the mall. Or ebay. Or Amazon. Well, maybe just West Elm for a cute little…. AH!! Fuck, it’s starting! Run while you can!

Objects of Art | 06

January 21, 2013

Objects of Art

ART: Meghan Howland // OBJECTS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

Yay! Objects of art is back. I had forgotten how much I like to hunt for online treasures for the home. If only mastercard gave you unlimited credit..without having to pay, of course.

Today’s Objects of Art is quite bright and cheerful to beat winter’s darkness and to make your Monday less painful. Speaking of winter and pain, if you’ve been feeling kinda crappy lately and you need a pick-me-up – tomorrow’s post will totally help! Hint: it’s boozy and cozy. Yeah.

objects of art | 05

September 19, 2012

objects of art

art. Photography by Clayton Cotterell | 1. Allegra Hicks: An Eye For Design and square wool blanket | 2. matter porcelain cups | 3. wood bowl | 4. tabletop terrarium | 5. bamboo dining table | 6. antique blue rug | 7. farmstead stool

objects of art / 04

July 25, 2012

art. victoria ulrikke iles | 1. stella floor lamp  | 2. art deco arm chairs | 3. score + solder terrarium | 4. hand knotted rug / affordable alternatives here and here | 5. audrey side table | 6. brass foot | 7. naples candle | 8. kinfolk magazine (a must-have!)

objects of art / 03

July 16, 2012

art. Claire Sherman | 1. postage stamp rug | 2. olive ceramic lamp | 3. zoza handwoven blanket | 4. stump side table | 5. amber tealight holder | 6. grant featherson lounge chair | 7. almond mug | 8. reverie cushion

We’re starting the week with objects inspired by Claire’s beautiful art, of course!