The Pantone Project on Instagram

June 10, 2013

Photography by Paul Octavious

Photography by Paul Octavious

Photography by Paul Octavious

Photography by Paul Octavious

Photography by Paul Octavious

Ok. Breathe. I know, this is the coolest shit ever but, let’s take it slowly, mmkay?

While browsing through my phone’s warp hole, also known as Instagram, I found this amazing Pantone Project by Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious. I’m amazed at the things people can do with their phones. Seriously. Did you ever think this would exist when you were in high-school?

Are you jumping into the colorful wagon with Paul Octavious? I think we should. This project basically sends you on a scavenger hunt, armed with nothing but your camera phone, and a few Pantone swatches. I think we are guaranteed to have a blast, PLUS, this is a great exercise to train your eye to find colour inspiration where you least expect it.

So, shall we Pantone the city together?

Ps. the official tag for this project is #ThePantoneProject. Oh, are we IG friends yet?

hues / 02

June 28, 2012

art by twoems | color from top to bottom: Pantone DS 268-3 C | Pantone DS 278-3 C | Pantone DS 303-4 C | Pantone DS 1-4 C | Pantone DS 152-6 C

COLOR INSPIRATION – Plenty of Colour

June 8, 2011


Source: Plenty of Color 


Sometimes you find sites so so beautiful they make you tear a little bit. Well, I found one of those today. To my delight, it was all about COLOR.

Meet Plenty of Colour {yes, colour – with an O and a U. Cool Canadian spelling right, Yankee?} a rainbow orgasm by talented designer Chloe Douglas – who also happens to be one of the designers for the 2010 Olympics. You can’t get any cooler than that.

Chloe’s blog is full, I mean, FULL  of beautiful color inspiration – from Pantone palettes to street art {and some confetti too!}

One of the features I like the most on her blog is the color index. Feeling in a scarlet mood? Looking for ivory shades? Wanna rock some metallics?  Then just go to the blog’s side bar and simply click on them and BOOM! color explosion before your eyes.

Plenty of Colour should definitely be on your inspiration bookmarks.

Thank you Chloe for the visual feast.